Bible Index Tabs

How do I install Bible index tabs?

God’s word is a treasure trove of treasures that we can find in our Bibles. But even if you know where each book goes, it's still hard to pick up and read without first finding out what they are about! Luckily there are Bible accessories called Bible index tabs which will allow easier access into all these wonderful stories from God through His conduit - The Holy Spirit!. 

Are Bible tabs removable?

We provide a positioning guide that will help you to apply them easily, but all of our pre-folded middle sections allow for an easy repositioning before pressing down firmly on both sides to ensure stability!

With these Bible index tabs you can be confident that your index tabs will stay securely fastened and aligned.

What size are Bible tabs?

These Bible index tabs are super easy to apply, and they're pre-folded in the middle so you don't need to worry about folding them roughly. Plus, they're perfectly sized at 1.5" x 1.5". That means they won’t get in the way or take up too much space while you read.